I work with Sustainable, Social, and NGO Brands/Companies to create stories and inspire others to change the world.  My mission is to create incredible possibilities of transformation for humankind to live lives of impact, purpose, and badassery. 


When I travel the world my purpose is to discover humanity, understand a culture and connect emotionally with people… and as I do that, I am tirelessly driven to leave a little something behind that can change a life.

I’m Jen, solo female traveler. I am Cuban-American from New York City. Only 3-years-ago I was working for a marketing agency when I sold my car, some belongings, and bought a one way. I traded my 9-5 for a budget, backpack, and traveling for good. It’s been three years and I haven’t looked back since!

I am a Youtuber, a writer, and a clean water courier. but I really call myself a ‘life-liver’. I dream big and make my dreams happen.

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